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Breast Reduction

Too much of a good thing?

Breast reduction can improve posture and alleviate chronic back, neck and shoulder pain.

Improve the way you feel

Do you suffer from discomfort and/or pain in the shoulders, neck and back due to your large breasts? Does your breasts size produce to rashes, interfere with certain activities or cause you upper extremity numbness, tingling and headaches?

The breast reduction procedure is appropriate for women with large, pendulous breasts who may feel self-conscious about their size and appearance or experience back pain, shoulder pain, skin irritation or limitation of physical activity.

Breast Reduction Techniques and Risks

Several techniques can be used for breast reduction, all of which have the goal of preserving the nipple and areola while leaving scars that can be hidden from view by regular clothing. Some of the risks associated with this operation are bleeding, infection, asymmetry, nipple or skin loss, altered nipple sensation or ability to breast-feed. Using careful technique and expertise we strive to minimize these risks.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Following a breast reduction procedure patients will have gauze over their breasts and will need to take a week or two simply resting to recover from the procedure. Any side effects of the surgery will be the most significant during this time and pain medication will be prescribed. Most Hartford, Connecticut breast reduction patients take two weeks off work to give themselves time to recover. However, full recovery from the procedure can take a couple of months and it is important that patients wear supportive bras or sports bras for the months following their surgery to provide sufficient support until the area has fully recovered.

How much does a Breast Reduction cost?

The fees provided below are estimates (or ranges) for the procedures listed as each fee depends on the operating time and surgical technique. After your cosmetic consultation, you will be given an individual quote.

Please Note: The pricing below does not include tax, implants, garments or other special equipment required. Anesthesia and surgical center fees are additional. Revision or correction of prior surgery done elsewhere may carry higher associated fees on a case-by-case basis.

  • Breast Reduction and Lift: $6,000 – 8,000

Understanding Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction Before & After Photos

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Interested in Breast Reduction? Meet with our top plastic surgeons.

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