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Deborah Pan, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Connecticut

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Deborah Pan, MD

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Dr. Pan’s philosophy centers on restoring or improving one’s natural appearance, rather than drastic alteration. Through education and instruction, she demonstrates to her patients why she advises certain interventions and the logic behind her thought process. That way, her patients fully understand the recommended procedures.

Dr. Pan is also a staunch advocate of preventative treatments to combat aging. She feels this is the cornerstone of her anti-aging philosophy: “age gracefully, but not without a fight.”

In addition to providing excellent surgical care, Dr. Pan also feels it is important to research and provide the latest non-invasive aesthetic technologies at ESANA.

Dr. Pan specializes in the following surgical procedures

  • Breast Implants/Augmenation
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Lift with Implants
  • Breast Reduction
  • Tummy Tucks/Adominoplasty
  • Mommy Makeovers
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation

Dr. Pan specializes in the following non-invasive treatments

  • Ultherapy
  • Kybella
  • CoolSculpting
  • Fractora
  • Morpheus8
  • Botox Injectables
  • Dysport Injectables
  • Juvederm Injectables
  • Restylane Injectables
  • Radiesse Injectables

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Dr. Deborah Pan: Biography & Background


Dr. Deborah Pan is a board-certified female plastic surgeon serving all of greater New Haven and Fairfield counties and has patients from as far away as New York City to the Boston area. She completed her higher education at the finest institutions, graduating as valedictorian of her high school and going on to attend Harvard University, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and then completed her general surgery and plastic surgery training at Yale University. Since finishing her training, she has dedicated herself to serving the Connecticut population. She founded ESANA Plastic Surgery Center & MedSpa in 2006, three years after starting her practice in New Haven.

As the first female plastic surgeon in New Haven, her practice and reputation quickly grew for her outstanding work in breast reconstruction as well as cosmetic surgery of the breast, body, and face. She has won the New Haven Advocate’s Readers’ Poll for Best Cosmetic Surgeon numerous times, and ESANA has also won multiple awards from Connecticut Magazine, New Haven Living Magazine, and the New Haven Advocate. In the past she has also appeared as a guest on WTNH’s Connecticut Style, as well as being interviewed by local publications for her opinions on the latest in plastic and reconstructive surgery topics.

Dr. Pan’s interests outside of work include worldwide travel and food. Having been athletic all her life she tries to maintain a balance of healthy living and work responsibilities and can often be found participating in yoga, Pilates, tennis, golf, skiing and paddle boarding.

Charitable Work:

Since her formative residency years, Dr. Pan has donated her time and efforts to providing plastic surgery to those in need, travelling to such remotely underserved countries including Morocco, Thailand, Colombia, and several times to the Philippines. While there, she performed repairs of cleft lips, burn traumas, and birth defects.

For her repeated medical missions, Dr. Pan was awarded the Philippine American Association of Connecticut Service Award “for her untiring and continued support to improve the quality of life of indigent Filipinos” in 2010. She can also be found sponsoring charitable events around the greater New Haven area.

Dr. Deborah Pan: Patient Testimonials

Plastic Surgery & MedSpa Reviews

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Sarah Rodriguez

Feb 25, 2021

I am so happy with my results and very thankful to Dr Pan. She is patient and kind. I recommend Esana to everyone!

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Dec 1, 2014

Dr Pan is a wonderful and masterful doctor. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it…so do it now! It has changed my life. Thanks for everything!

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May 27, 2022

I have been wanting a breast augmentation since i was 23. I was always barely a cup and very self-conscious of my chest. I knew a couple people that went to Dr. Pan and their results were amazing so i decided to book with her! The entire process was seamless, and recovery has been amazing! I am 5 ‘8 155lbs and ended up going with 350cc and 325cc. I am very muscular and do CrossFit. Now I do love my boobs however I’m feeling like they are too small for my frame. I know i am only 4 weeks post op but feeling like the size is off. Photos uploaded

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Jan 8, 2015

Dr. Pan is an excellent surgeon. I was extremely pleased with the results of my reconstructive surgery and the post-surgery care by Dr. Pan. Her office staff are also excellent…very caring and helpful. The care I received made a very stressful and traumatic time in my life much easier to cope with.

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Dec 15, 2020

I am still in this journey but so far, I’m elated.

Deciding to have a tummy tuck (no muscle repair) and breast lift was a huge thing for me. I never considered plastic surgery and really wanted to be able to change my body naturally. However, after all the weight loss, no matter what I did, the extra skin was not going anywhere. I had a hard time recognizing myself. My body didn’t look like how I felt. I was tired of having to hide my “apron” and clothes never feeling flattering. I’d lost so much and was so healthy yet still felt like the fat friend even though I could outrun all of my friends.

The pandemic made me reflect a lot about what was important. My happiness and being in love with myself was huge to me. AND, it was the perfect time to do it since I couldn’t see anyone anyway.

The Consult-I sent pictures, the consult itself was a video call.

I looked into several board-certified plastic surgeons. I had a consult scheduled with another DR but after my consult with Dr. Pan, I knew she was the person I’d use. I chose her because of her history of breast reconstruction for cancer patients as well as extensive years of experience. Also, I looked at countless before/after photos. I asked her about all the “flaws” I’d seen, and she told me that she addressed all of them. Things like the fatty upper pubic area, nipples on top of the breast-that kind of stuff. Since I had a lot of extra skin, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to come out with more I needed to have fixed after. She assured me it would all be taken care of. Also, she was very up front about what to expect regarding my own “flaws”. She was clear about where I may still have fatty areas to work out the the tummy tuck or breast lift wouldn’t address. She sent me a quote for the different options of what I would have done the same day. I also asked a lot of questions about after care since I was driving about an hour and a half to her. She definitely helped me feel at ease about that too.

Lead up to surgery

Her staff is really helpful. I had one person I talked to, mostly through email, to schedule the surgery, arrange payment, and answer administrative questions. She always responded quickly no matter the method of communication. I had a few questions going into surgery that when I had my face to face with Dr. Pan, she was always patient and answered everything I could come up with. I’m a singer so I was concerned about the tube going down my throat. She said day of surgery, I met the whole team and could bring it up to my anesthesiologist then. She walked me through what to wear, what to expect, how long I needed someone to be around, timelines, everything I could think of.

DAY OF SURGERY-Prior to going in

I wasn’t nervous at all. I had complete confidence in her and her team. Everyone was really cautious with COVID. My driver couldn’t stay in the lobby even. They got her phone number to give her any details she needed.

I met the whole team and asked all my questions. The nurses were all super sweet.

The ONLY time I was not 100% confident was when I asked the Anesthesiologist about the tube in my throat. It wasn’t so much a reassuring “I’ll do my best not to damage your vocal cords” as a “I won’t know until I get in there”. I get that it’s probably true, but I needed the acknowledgement of my worry.

Also, the facility folks mentioned their survey like 12 times. I’m like, OK. I’ll do the survey! Yes, you were great!

When everyone went into surgery mode it moved really quick. It was like, here’s your IV, here’s your sedative, get on the table, and I WAS OUT.

Day of Surgery-Post Surgery

It’s a little hazy. I was very nauseous. I did vomit – it was awful. Also, my throat hurt so much. They kept giving me ginger ale to help but it was just coming back up. Also, I haven’t had soda in YEARS so it was weird drinking it but I didn’t necessarily care. It was a little hard to wake up, but I imagine that’s normal. I saw Dr. Pan briefly, but I don’t remember our conversation. I was definitely in pain, but I was so out of it that I just slept a lot. The drive home was painful but sleeping in and out helped.

Week 1 Post surgery

PAIN – I stayed on top of my meds but the first prescription made me nauseous, so she had to send me another one – it was the Thanksgiving holiday and she still helped me out and was quick about it. The pharmacy I usually use was closed so she had to send it again to a different one. The first 4-5 days, I didn’t mess around and took the pain meds every 4-6 hours. I had a follow up with her after 3 days. She checked on all the incisions, the drains, overall, once over.

I slept in a recliner for the first two weeks-pillows under my legs and next to me to support my arms, too. It was hard but there is no way I could lay flat and sleep in the bed.

You use your core for everything so any kind of movement hurts. Getting out of the chair, sitting on the toilet, wiping yourself, standing you have to be hunched over so my low back hurt the most. Actually, the most painful thing after the first 4 days was my back.

Also, she suggested having someone there for the first 24 hours. If you have anyone or anything depending on you though, have someone with you to take care of everything the first week if you can. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my partner’s support.

Week 2 Post Surgery

Still a lot of pain but more manageable. I still didn’t shower until the end of the 2nd week. Baby wipes, sponge baths, and my partner washing my hair in the sink helped me feel normal. The second week, I only took meds when the Tylenol wasn’t helping enough. I still had my drains in, too. I had one removed but the other was still filling so it wasn’t until the end of the 2nd week that both were able to come out.

3rd week – Post surgery

I’m in my 3rd week post-surgery now. Both drains are out. I’ve slept in the bed this week. I still can’t sleep on my side comfortably, but I do enjoy sleeping next to my love. I got a knee pillow since the pillow were awkward in bed. I am taking Tylenol most often. The incisions are looking great. I’m diligent about using the scar recovery gel. I was worried about the spot where there is a 3 juncture-the wound seems bigger. Dr. Pan assured me that’s normal and it will close up soon enough. I’m totally surprised by how well the tummy incision is healing. There are already areas that aren’t red.

My binder is causing some discomfort on my incisions. If it’s not low enough, it rolls up right on my tummy incision. I did some shopping to try and get a “stage 2” garment that’s not going to roll. It also irritates my anchor incisions if it’s up to high. So, hopefully the new garment will be just what I need. Fingers crossed!


This week, I’ve been dealing with Edema. That’s when fluid builds up under the skin after the drains are removed. My last drain was removed last Wednesday. By Sunday, I noticed the buildup wasn’t resolving itself and called. Dr. Pan. She called me in for a Monday appointment to drain it. It wasn’t painful since I’m still pretty numb from the anesthesia. She also said it may happen again, so I have to go back at the end of the week to have it drained again. She explained that I was too active. It’s hard not to be active since I’m starting to feel better. She explained that the more active I am, the more friction I create and it’s like a blister where it builds up fluid to help protect itself since it’s trying to glue itself back together. Again, if I didn’t have such a supportive partner, the recovery would present a lot more challenges. More logistics. I’m a great healer.

A few things I don’t know where to mention–

They have the compression bras and binders there. I first got 2 bras but then asked for another because I needed more of a laundry buffer

Scar Recovery Gel–Either I’m an amazing healer (I am) or this stuff is magic, or both. I do it diligently 2 x a day. My showering ritual is longer because everything has to dry completely before putting it on.

My animals are so concerned and only want to comfort me, but I had to create barriers because them jumping on me unexpectedly was the worst.

Updated on 19 Dec 2020:

I just put the number of the day of recovery. I’m 25 days post opp. I had to get drained again today. Dr. Pan told me that the more activity the more fluid I will create. So, I’m trying really hard to only do what I have to. It’s hard for me though. I hate asking anyone for anything. And I want the fluid to stop so I’m going to do what I have to.

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Anna S.

Apr 14, 2022

I’ve had the best experience with Dr. Pan. She was attentive, listening to my concerns. I made decision about my surgery within first 10 min. I’m really happy with my results and I would recommend her to any woman who is interested in breast augmentation

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Dec 5, 2014

I am very very happy with the results! It has changed my life. Thank you so much.

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Susan Deveau

Mar 2, 2019

I always look forward to my appointments at Esana. Dr Pan is very professional, compassionate, & listens to any concerns. Her care has exceeded my expectations. In addition, her staff is so friendly & helpful.

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Jul 26, 2018

Dr. Pan is professional, intelligent, and compassionate with excellent bedside manner. She was very honest and encouraging with my surgical concerns. I’m extremely happy with my results! I was able to breastfeed 15 months after my surgery, and my breasts returned to their post-surgical size when I stopped breastfeeding. I’m also pleased with the shape, size and density of my breast thanks to Dr. Pan.

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Ya Ca

Jan 30, 2021

I had the best experience at Esana. I went in after an implant of mine had popped and Dr. Pan made me feel so comfortable and at ease. They got me in right away and my surgery was so easy. My first time getting implants I was out of commission for 2 weeks. With Dr. Pan I was not even sore after 4 days! I highly recommend them and say that they not only are professional but caring!

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Jan 20, 2020

Deborah Pan did an amazing job with my breast augmentation I could not have been happier with the results, I got my boobs done 10/22 subfascial breast augmentation with saline implants, in a week I was back to work I had a great recovery and am loving how natural and beautiful my new boobs look!

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Karin Schwanbeck

Jul 5, 2019

Dr. Pan is professional, experienced and I am grateful for her expertise and support for using a natural approach. She is also extremely bright, easy to talk to and has a calm demeanor. Lovely. Highly recommend!!